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TanDam Consulting works in three main areas:
1) Business Management
2) Business Intelligence
3) Transportation/Logistics Consulting

Our Business Management Consulting associates bring workable solutions via years of experience in business process management, information technology, and more.  No problem is too big and no customer is too small.

Business Intelligence is a specialty for us.  We have significant depth and tenure in this area, and can handle anything from simple scorecarding/dashboarding to in-depth data cleansing/transformation, data warehouse development, and more.

Our transportation consulting associates also have many years of transportation experience ranging from random over-the-road trucking to dedicated contract services to brokerage to full fledged 3rd party logistics with Top 10 carriers and Fortune 500 customers in the Americas, and abroad.

Among our transportation consulting service offerings are network analysis and design, revenue/yield analysis,
customer and lane analysis, and business intelligence geared specifically for transportation..  We will also work with you to help you determine how to establish or improve your strategic solicitation model (what loads to take, what loads to ask for, and what other options to offer!), and develop sales, customer, operations, driver and other scorecards.  We also have depth in fleet maintenance, providing significant opportunities for improvement and savings!